Scott S. Richards PE, CSP

​Certified OCIMF - OVID Inspector

Naval Architect & Marine Engineer

  (512) 921-7067

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Safety Management

​We can streamline you safety management system to improve overall performance and get better buy in from your people.

Improving your bottom line with supplemental services

Developing a revolutionary line of personal fall protection devices.



Certified Inspection Services

Litigation Support

We offer our experience and expertise to evaluate cases.

Regulatory compliance

​Specialized experience in international regulatory compliance for the offshore drilling and oil & gas operations internationally.

Vessel inspection

Ready to provide inspection services for Jack-ups, semi submersibles, support vessels (OVID) and mechanical systems.

Professional engineering services

Broad spectrum of engineering and engineering management solutions.

Services as needed, when needed

Ready to provide management consulting, professional engineering services, marine engineering, naval architecture, safety management, accident investigation, regulatory compliance, litigation support and OVID vessel inspection services. Here at S.S. Richards & Associates LLC we'll help you with a wide variety of specialized services. We listen to what you need and get it done for you.

Accident Investigation

​We have field and technical experience on offshore and onshore industrial sites to quickly get to the root causes of incidents.

International engineering, safety and management solutions