Our Services

Management Consulting and Executive Coaching

S.S. Richards & Associates is ready to provide management consulting services that will improve your company’s bottom line performance. Streamline your management systems to focus management & staff on their prioritized objectives and bring order to ineffective work practices. Clear standards, communicated and measured regularly to monitor performance, bring control. Clear expectation of employees, empower and motivate them to achieve success. Executive leadership that motivates and inspires employees to exceed expectations is a skill that can be unlocked in each of us. We will help you discover how to unlock your own personal leadership potential. This can be achieved without burdensome, heavily bureaucratic management systems. We will work with your existing processes and procedures, improving the effectiveness of management systems by making your organizations efforts more productive.


S.S. Richards & Associates offers a broad range of engineering and engineering management services including, project planning and management, professional engineering (PE) review, with expertise in naval architecture, marine engineering, structural analysis, hydrodynamics, system design and engineering, factory acceptance testing (FAT), site acceptance testing (SAT), marine inspection, construction management and marine oilfield operations management. 

From new builds to hull refurbishments and from system design and installation to equipment replacement, S.S. Richards & Associates will provide dependable engineers and field personnel to assist you with design, construction and installation of your projects. 

We can provide comprehensive project management, design and construction supervision for new construction projects. We also provide engineering supervision for modifications offshore or in shipyards. S.S. Richards & Associates professional engineers (PE) are available for the review and certification of third party design packages.

Experienced engineers familiar with verifying compliance to specification are available to witness and approve factory acceptance tests (FAT) and site acceptance tests (SAT). S.S. Richards & Associates has OCIMF certified OVID inspectors ready to provide inspection services for offshore and terminal support vessels. We have experienced personnel for field inspection of propulsion systems, marine systems, vessel structure or any marine related inspections.

We have experience in managing rig fleets with changing areas of operation and vessel fleets servicing production fields. From structural modifications to facility logistical support, S.S. Richards & Associates can provide you with the technical support that you need when you need it.

Regulatory compliance

S.S. Richards & Associates brings extensive experience in the ever-changing environment of international and national regulatory compliance. S.S. Richards & Associates has experience operating in the strict regulatory environments of NMD in Norway, the DOT in the UK, the Newfoundland Labrador Petroleum Directorate on Hibernia and others in the Middle East and Far East. Regulatory requirements must be met as operations move into new jurisdictions and when new regulations come into effect in different operating areas. S.S. Richards & Associates has experience in clarifying with the authorities what is needed and efficiently providing it.

We have experience satisfying the various requirements of the major classification societies (ABS, DNV, Lloyd’s, BV). From major refurbishments to minor modification, S.S. Richards & Associates is ready to interface with the classification societies and support projects requiring engineering, engineering review, design and construction management for any rig or vessel modifications.

We have experience in evaluating the management and monitoring of marine vessels, offshore and onshore drilling rigs and production facilities, shipping terminals, oil and gas processing plants and associated producing well pads for compliance with regulatory requirements of EPA and local regulations in different international areas. Our experience includes monitoring and managing the construction of large processing plants and the operation of terminals, processing plants and producing well sites for compliance with regulatory requirements. S.S. Richards & Associates provides our clients with practical solutions to achieve the required compliance.


Vessel Inspection

S.S. Richards & Associates is ready to provide vessel inspection services by inspectors with experience on Jack-up rigs, Semisubmersibles, support vessels, mechanical systems and electrical systems. We also have instrumentation technicians, electrical engineers and technicians that are familiar with rig, vessel and plant equipment. Our safety and environmental inspectors are Oil Company International Marine Forum – Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OCIMF – OVID) certified. 

S.S. Richards and Associates personnel are available on an as needed basis or can work with your organization to implement regular ongoing inspection to assist you in maintaining the highest standards for your operations.

Safety Management

S.S. Richards & Associates provides Certified Safety Professional (CSP) services, with personnel experienced with offshore drilling, producing facilities, the vessels that service these facilities, shipping terminals, oil & gas processing plants and associated producing well pads. We are prepared to develop and facilitate the implementation of industry leading safety management systems.   If your existing safety management system could use improvement to satisfy your safety performance expectations, S.S. Richards & Associates has experience auditing safety management systems, offering improvements to management systems, conducting implementation gap analysis and developing a plan for improvement. With extensive experience in the oil industry, S.S. Richards & Associates will provide the latest safety management philosophies and techniques to improve not only safety performance, but cost, schedule and quality performance as well. The management systems that S.S. Richards & Associates can help you implement to improve safety performance, are the same management systems that will improve your cost, schedule and quality performance. Safety is achieved through attentive management, which improves your entire operation.

Accident Investigation

S.S. Richards & Associates has experience in responding to accidents and controlling the site to allow for meaningful investigations and interviews to determine the root causes of incidents and accidents. Root causes are defined as causes that can be corrected and that is invariably accomplished through improved management systems. Trained incident investigators are available to systematically collect and/or analyze evidence, conduct and/or evaluate interviews and establish causal factors for evaluation using the latest methodology to determine root causes. 

Our investigators have field and technical experience with marine vessels, offshore and onshore drilling rigs and production facilities, shipping terminals, oil and gas processing plants and associated producing well pads. With this unique combination of expertise in safety and extensive experience in industry, S.S. Richards & Associates offers practical improvements to your management systems to improve your overall performance and to benefit your bottom line.

Litigation Support

S.S. Richards & Associates is ready to bring its range of professional experience and expertise to analyze and support cases that involve engineering matters and or HSE issues.