About Us

Scott S. Richards PE, CSP

S.S. Richards & Associates provides quality management consulting and engineering services in naval architecture, marine engineering, structural analysis, hydrodynamics, regulatory compliance, accident investigation, vessel inspection, drilling, processing and  safety management. We provide general management consulting services for the oil industry and throughout the marine industry. 

We are experienced with the specific marine requirements that are associated with the offshore oil industry and with onshore drilling operations, production plants and shipping terminals. S.S. Richards & Associates works with clients from drilling to production to terminal operations and from construction to fleet operations. Working to establish long-term associations with the leaders in the oil industry and throughout the marine industry, S.S. Richards & Associates offers a set of skills that you can use on an as needed basis. We work with our clients to find practical solutions to satisfy their most difficult requirements. We are here to enhance your organization’s performance in the specialized disciplines that we have expertise in, which are pivotal to success in the offshore oil industry.

The unique combination of management, engineering and safety expertise with extensive field, technical and regulatory experience in the oil industry allows S.S. Richards & Associates to satisfy a wide range of clients’ needs. At S.S. Richards & Associates we listen. We pride ourselves on being effective in assessing what is needed to improve your performance and your compliance with industry regulations, with the least disruption to your ongoing business. With our broad range of experience, we are flexible enough to find management solutions to accommodate your existing systems and the procedures that are familiar to your organization, rather than propose sweeping changes. In safety performance, operations efficiency, asset maintenance or regulatory compliance, S.S. Richards & Associates provides personal service, tailored to each client’s unique needs. We foster long-term relationships that improve the bottom line of your organization

To meet the demands of the oil industry in today’s business environment, practical and efficient solutions are critical to successful operations. S.S. Richards & Associates offers services that will provide up to date, practical and cost effective solutions to a wide range of marine engineering, regulatory compliance and safety management needs.